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Bermuda, a honeymoon on the island

August 28, 2017

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Last week we celebrated our 4th anniversary.

While we did go out for dinner, an anniversary just marks time in a marriage. I remember a friend once saying that her and her husband didn’t need to do anything special on Valentine’s Day as every day is Valentines. Taken to heart, I celebrate and thank God for my husband and our marriage every day.

So last week we marked our wedding four years ago. When I married more than my best friend. I married my husband. A relationship more intimate and vulnerable than any friendship I’ve ever known. The only person I completely let my guard down with and trust implicitly.

And four years ago we went on a very meaningful honeymoon.

Our fairytale

But first a quick recap of our fairytale story. About 11 years ago a mutual friend introduced the hubby and I. Starting late in life he was the first guy I dated. I was a curvy and insecure girl. Kinda still am. Turns out, same was true for him. Not the curvy and insecure part. The first person he dated part.

Engagement foot pic

We went on a handful of dates. Nothing more.

Time went by and we dated other people. Some good experiences, some not so great. But all educational.

Six years passed. He tracked me down again. Thank you Facebook. It looked like neither of us were dating at the time. We met for coffee. He told me how he often thought of me and how I treated him. We decided to date again.

18 months later we married.

Now I share my life with a partner who puts my needs and well being first. And I do my best to do the same for him.

Our honeymoon, Manhattan

It was his idea to go to Bermuda. I was thrilled. Not just because it’s romantic, beautiful Bermuda. But because I spent three years of my childhood living on that island I get homesick for. Up until now it was something in my memory banks shared only with my parents. Now Bermuda is something I share with my husband.

We took a cruise out of Manhattan with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL). That meant of course spending a couple days exploring New York City.

Pond at Central Park

Central Park

We stayed in a hotel room smaller than our stateroom right in Times Square. We walked Central Park. I met his uncle who lives in the city and couldn’t make it to the wedding. We explored the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) as his uncle suggested. It did not disappoint.

Sculptures at MET

Mask at MET

We took our first hop on hop off bus and saw Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy. It was a fun couple days.

Street signs in NYC

Honeymoon in Bermuda

We sailed out of Manhattan on a Sunday. Watching the Statue of Liberty as we floated by.

Mambo on cruise balcony

Statue of Liberty

The Bermuda cruise is 7 days. Three days at sea and three days on the island.

We docked at the Dockyard. A place that was a British base when I was a child. Now a cruise terminal, marina, and artisan market.

Bermuda Dockyard

During the day we explored the island and spent our evenings aboard at Fat Cats the ship’s jazz bar. Man that band was good. They played everything from Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, and gospel.

We used the local transportation. Buses and ferries in Bermuda are so easy to use and the island so easy to navigate with only two main roads.

Bus in Bermuda

We explored the community I grew up in. Me dragging him around to every little thing I could remember. Him patiently following in the August heat.

Coast of Bermuda

Road in Bermuda

Pink house in Bermuda

Moon gate in Bermuda

We took our time savoring the beauty and pace of the island. From one end to the other. We even took in some shopping and snorkeling.

Floating toes at the beach

Toes in the water

I was sad to leave our final day. I would move back to Bermuda if I could.

The ship’s path took us through waterways made narrow through coral. It’s a marvel how such big ships make it.

Coral at Bermuda

Leaving Bermuda

I’m thrilled that I could share that piece of my life with the hubby. And over the moon that he loves my little island as much as I do. We’re already making plans for another visit.

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  1. Such a perfect place for two people in love to spend their honeymoon. Perhaps you should consider Bemuda for your 5th ❤️ This time I will provide a map to even more childhood memories 😘 Loved every moment we spent there.

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