Street in Casares a white village in Spain

The magnificent cities and villages of Spain

August 21, 2017

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The villages and cities in Spain are down right stunning with their vistas and details. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but where I come from this is rarely the case. It’s great to think that buildings can be both functional AND beautiful.


I guess that’s why so many tourists descend on cities like Barcelona, Spain. Here buildings and sidewalks have elegant detail. Flowers and sun bursts carve into the stone leaving one marveling at the art married into purpose. A building is more than a house of endeavor it is gallery of refinement.

Beautiful detail on Barcelona building

Detail in sidewalk in Barcelona

A fine example of this is the multiple works of Gaudi throughout the city. Whimsical structures that take you out of Barcelona and into your own imagination.

Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona

Guadi building in Barcelona

Pueblos Blanco, White Villages

Spain also has Pueblos Blancos, White Villages. You can find these in Andalusia, a southern area in Spain. They are perched high on hilltops and, as the name suggests, are primarily white.

White villages in Spain

We visited the White Village Casares during our time in Spain. Buildings are whitewashed with brown or red tiled roofs. Roads in the villages are narrow and climb the natural curve of the hill. This unlikely hiker’s bliss.

Street in Casares a white village in Spain

Blue door in Casares

Green door in Casares

Hiking in Casares

And then there is Ronda. Also a hilltop town in Andalusia, this one sits over a deep gorge. Below are fields as far as the eye can see and above the new bridge is over 200 years old.

Ronda, Spain

Ronda new bridge

Ronda gorge

I personally love Ronda with its churches, weathered streets and the oldest bull fighting ring in Spain. This town predates Christ and I find that absolutely fascinating.

Church in Ronda

Ronda manhole cover

Bull ring in Ronda

Of course getting there is half the fun. Rent a car and scale the mountains, drive by fields of cows, and coast along the Mediterranean. The cities and villages of Spain are worth the visit.

Bull in Spain

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